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Advantageous solutions to enhance enterprises are available, as well solutions for who wants to start a business. 1GJV offers realistic opportunities through engineered analysis applied, and being present in the spot by a direct involvement providing know-hows, and technical tools in order to obtain consolidations, enhancements, growth.

1GJV's main objective is BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS, which includes to offers Know-Hows of selected businesses to startuppers or older entrepreneurs want to provide their expertise, starting a new venture and getting advantage of 1GJV's extensive experience and knowledge. A new business or existing one will be not alone. It will be supported by strengthening tools, of: marketing, technical, digital, advanced business analysis, enhancement solutions, strategically, implementations, financial.

1GJV's umbrella includes independent Advanced Internet Technology and servers, Advanced Business Analysis for Maturity Capability Levels, knowledge in the related businesses, experience of more than 30 years in the international scenario. Working with the support of collateral businesses it's a tremendous advantage allows to compete even though if it would be a small business.


1GJV it's heading toward the concept of providing independent jobs for whom has talent and wish to emerge by her/his own, but without being alone.

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  • Toronto
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Partnerships are contemplated.

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Film Productions & Financing

1GJV right now is focusing in developing a powerful and well structured ventures for PRODUCING and DISTRIBUTING Films and TV Shows as Independent Production Company. Film projects are selected to be included in our slate of products. Portfolio of Films projects are in HERE. If you are interested to be part of this venture, contact us.

Our Digital Films Platform - check here!

1GJV MEDIA in a parallel project is working on the creation of a DIGITAL FILMS DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM, similar to Netfilx for instance but specialized in INDIE films of a great artistic value from all around the world, a comprehensive and easy technology implemented in a 'all world languages' selection. contact us.

Access to the 'films financing project' 1GJV PLAN

Check out about JOHNNY THE MULE coming TV Series 10 episodes

Second chance is available

Karma can be changed

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Johnny born in Sicily left alone in the boat to America

Forging to become top smuggler

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The Mule! Top smuggler was not himself...

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Sent to Thailand by Italian/American mobsters

Smuggling refined opium in the spot: Heroin.

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Hispid road for redemption is set.

In the Golden Triangle

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He meets the 'Angel of Love'

Akha-Thai purity

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Love exists also for villains but...

2 worlds - 2 lives' clash

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Love can erase all, but not so

Crossing the line toward the good

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