1GJV First Globalized joint Ventures Inc. does not provide any investment advice or recommendations, but it's directly involved in a procurement of investments options which would provide a R.O.I. considerably higher than other form of investing solutions. 1GJV is involved with hands on the film and media projects analyzing all aspects to drive such investment toward the highest R.O.I. It will be implemented a thorough technical analysis to circumvent risks and contingencies, in order to generate an adequate recoupment plan together with a reasonable and effective schedule for the highest return.

1GJV focuses on film and media development, from production to distribution. Investing in filming might appear to be very risky and full of traps and contingencies, which might make feel "uncomfortable" to see our funds running in such circuit. And at some extent is true, there are many aspects to consider in order to assure a recoupment and also such high financial return as expected.

Every business has contingencies and risks, and filming has not more risks than any other business project. About investments we feel more certain investing in bonds, stock or even real estate, since those option looks "secure", manageable, and "solid", concrete and visible. How about the return? We know cannot be that high, and still, there are contingencies and risks in there as well. We saw many times when the stock goes down how we sleep in the night!

Filming! It has a concrete outcome, it's a film! And the market is flourishing, either by theatrical path or digital one.


The investors, through the 1GJV's solutions would be taking care of, prioritizing his/her expectations, and the investing is not just a venture capital spending, but also it will mean an actual ownership of the film product in the case of Equity investing option. Films, once the spending will be recouped, will generate revenue for years to come, because it will go through several stages of distributions from theatrical, to digital, to cables, to airlines, to VOD, and these channels will be territory by territory, for instance throughout the world. also there will reruns throught the years, which means additional revenue. It's just matter of sales strategy! First Globalized Joint Ventures Inc. is the IR manager in cooperation with Marc Talon Investments representative. The investment community will be prioritized thorugh our strategical best practices to optimize Return on Investements, and it will be provided on a regular basis and in a transparent manner video reports, and written as well describing in a clear fashion about the investments ongoing in each product.

100%-300%-500%-1000% R.O.I., that's 1GJV' goal.


1GJV Financial it's selecting films and media products with the scope to follow the strategies for an expected Return on Investment. Operations conducted by 1GJV Media

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Managing funds for investing in films and media.

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Film Productions & Financing

1GJV right now is focusing in developing a powerful and well structured ventures for PRODUCING and DISTRIBUTING Films and TV Shows as Independent Production Company. Film projects are selected to be included in our slate of products. Portfolio of Films projects are in HERE. If you are interested to be part of this venture, contact us.

Our Digital Films Platform - check here!

1GJV MEDIA in a parallel project is working on the creation of a DIGITAL FILMS DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM, similar to Netfilx for instance but specialized in INDIE films of a great artistic value from all around the world, a comprehensive and easy technology implemented in a 'all world languages' selection. contact us.

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