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This is a tremendous opportunity for those seeking high-return investments options but with more than just substantial mitigation of risk contingencies. The return of investment is based on the outcomes related to film production and distribution in Canada, the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world, through theatrical screens, digital platforms, Video On Demand, Cables, and Airlines, and TV Broadcasters as well.

There is access to proposals by video pitches on this page with the Chief Executive Officer of 1GJV Media Canada, Mr. Marco Taloni. You will have a brief but exhaustive explanation of how investors can obtain a higher return on investments, terms, and details to understand the high level of this opportunity.

Basically, in the videos, there is a brief explanatory pitch, then you are to access to the package of the proposals where you will find:

  • Executive Summary

  • Details of the Business and ownership

  • Details about the film products

  • Management team information

  • Financial Plan

  • Financial Structure and evaluation

  • Operational Plan

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Proposals (video pitches) and the package

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Main Factors

Fundamental aspects in order to deliver the expected return on investment


1GJV Media leverages CMMI, which stands for 'Capability Maturity Models Integration', used even from NASA, from US Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Motorola, etc., just to mention few. We work on the film project considering all aspects to optimize with the only scope to achieve our objective. Applying such methods of best practices in order of determining the capability and a maturity level of our projects.


It's an effective tool implemented in any direction, from preparing the project to filming to selling the film products around the world. The departments back up 1GJV Media to carry on the business as expected. Also, it's an implementation to facilitate the investors to take track of the development of the R.O.I.


Well-established co-productions corporations are part of the project, depending on the territory involved, based as H.Q. in Canada, USA, U.K., and with additional countries depending on the project. 1GJV Media (First Globalized Joint Ventures Inc. Canada) it's the chief management entity that Marco Taloni leads, coordinating to ensure that strategy and system are correctly followed.


1GJV Media film projects include worldwide festivals and the film market as part of the distribution process, also participating internationally. Participating in it since from the script stage. Films markets as well contribute to maintaining efficient contact with sales agents and other distribution entities.


1GJV Media and partners are planning the film products and their sales, since the first very stage of the project, which includes strategies toward investment recoupment and returns on investment timing, which are estimated, averagely, to start on the first year from when the business affair starts. It is fundamental to evaluate all critical aspects accordingly.


This is a very critical factor for which 1GJV Media focuses on a very well structured mechanism, and working adequately by the best practices in order to deliver the expected objective for investors and stakeholders. The film product production and its satellites that drive the ultimate result are meticulously structured in a cluster of mechanisms that must work in conjunction with each other in an adequate mutual contribution.


>300% > 500% > 1000%, are the objectives set by 1GJV Media, estimations generated through a rigorous and efficient effort based on adequate strategies and organizational focus, related at the production, sales, and distribution aspects, considering all contingencies would come along that will be embraced with the scope to maintain pace toward the ultimate goal.


1GJV Media directly coordinates the film projects' full scale, including sales and distribution, partnering with selected film production corporations and specific business entities chosen for the particular goal. All must comply with the organizational structure and strategies to achieve the objectives. Reliable, experienced, skilled entities will be part of our group selected for the project.

Marco Taloni's close collaborations

Below few people who works at close contact with Marco Taloni but teaming for projects realizations are related at

Marco Taloni

Chief Executive-Owner

Parita Suwanmanee

Operations Assistance

Kanjana Chimpalee

Clerk supervision







Few Partners that might be selected and come along with the projects.

National Bank Canada

Media Department

Canada Media Funds

Supporting Media in Canada

Shinkai Productions

U.K.-Shinkai productions

Entertainment One Canada

Film Distributions

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